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Which attempt was more grinding JEE Main March or February?

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JEE Main 2021 is being conducted 4 times – February, March, April and May. It is always of peculiar interest for the students to know which phase was more difficult. There is no need to worry as we are here to give you a comparative paper analysis of JEE Main February and March attempt to help students in the examination.

This analysis is for the students who have appeared for February/March attempt or for those who are willing to appear in April or May attempt or for JEE Main examination in the near future. The analysis is precise, informative, it clearly defines the difficulty level of the exam and also answers a lot of questions that generally come across the mind of students while they are preparing for the exam.

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Note 1: Though questions of class 12th have more weightage this doesn’t mean that 11th class concepts are less important because class 12th questions include 20 to 25% of questions that require conceptual knowledge of class 11th and obviously the basics should always be cleared before solving any question.

Note 2: In both attempts, overall physics was a bit difficult as compared to the previous year as a little bit of conceptual and theoretical questions were more in number rather than the numerical ones.

Note 3: In physics, both Modern and Thermal Physics are the most important which require the most practice.

Note 4: To answer the question of any type whether easy or difficult you must know detailed information about every concept and topic from the JEE syllabus. For this, you need to go through the complete syllabus once so don’t focus on gaining deep knowledge on any topic.

Note 5:  In Math, co-ordinate geometry, integration and differential calculus are the most important topics.

Note 6: In chemistry, if your Organic and Inorganic concepts are clear then you will be able to complete the examination in a lesser duration and then you can focus to utilize more time (race against time phrase meaning) on solving Physical Chemistry.

Note 7: Every year, JEE toppers recommend studying the basics from NCERT books. With the help of NCERT solutions, the foundation of each subject in JEE can be strengthened. So, remember to always focus accurately on NCERT.

If you haven’t seen the answer key of JEE February and March attempt then you can see using the below links














BONUS TIPS /POINTS TO REMEMBER for upcoming attempts:

  1. 1. If your marks are 180 > then prepare for JEE main and advanced 50% -50% respectively.
  2. 2. If your marks are 180 < then prepare 100% for JEE Main
  3. 3. If your marks are 270 > then prepare mainly (100%) for JEE advanced



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