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Want to study Medicine after class 10th? Are you fit to become a Doctor?

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So is now everyone asking you what you want to do when you grow up? Are you scared or nervous about what to choose after class 10th? Have you always fancied wearing the white coat which Doctors wear? Let’s discuss a few aspects to figure out if your choice to become a medical student is viable or not.

Dedication – How dedicated are you?

Being a doctor is not an easy career choice. It’s also not for the weak hearted. It requires one to study for many years, training and learning on the job. There are no fixed timings for a Doctor and graduating from a Medical College is simply the beginning of a hectic career. Training days are also tough as one deals with thousands of patients daily on a regular basis. So basically the life of a Medical student is not easy, even after one becomes a doctor.

Mental Ability – Are you strong enough to deal with stressful situations?

Excellent marks may help you get into a good college but it does not mean that you will not face any difficulty in future.  Professions that involve life and death are beyond stress and require you to keep up with challenging situations at all times. If you lose your cool easily or get distracted then you should reconsider your decision of taking up medicine. But, if you can remain calm under pressure, then Medicine can be your forte.

Interest – Are you really interested in Medicine?

Suppose you have the dedication to study and can also lead the tough life of a Doctor but can you serve the masses? Can you treat the poor without expecting anything in return?

Make sure to be honest with yourself and determine if that is something you can really do.

Acceptance –Is work /social life important for you?

How much is family time (race against time phrase meaning) or social time essential to you. How long will you have the capacity to give to your vocation? You will have to study for a long time, while your non-medicinal companions will have finished their studies and started their careers. You might have to miss on your social life. It will get even more complicated when you have family obligations.

Communication Skills – How good are your interpersonal skills?

Medical colleges these days pay high attention to the overall grooming of the students. Since this profession requires a lot of communication skills one needs to be comfortable around people also. For example one cannot do the operation on their own, many doctors collaborate and work together to perform miracles in the OT hence one needs to have strong interpersonal skills. If you have the right attitude needed then your choice of profession is right.

Once you’ve asked yourself all these questions, and the answer to all of these is a yes then probably Medicine is the right choice for you. You should also talk to your parents and discuss your career choices with them because sometimes parents might put or add a new perspective to it, also because your parents know u better than you think.

MOTION EDUCATION PVT LTD wishes you all the best for your future. May you make the right career choice for yourself.




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