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Undergraduate And Dual-Degree Program Details At BITS Pilani University

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On basis of BITSAT score, BITS offers three classes of degrees into which a student might get admission.

  • Group A – B.E(Hons)

Duration – 4 years
Courses offered – Computer Science,Mechanical,EEE(Electrical and Electronics),ENI(Electronics and Instrumentation,Civil,Chemical,Manufacturing etc.

  • Group B – MSc. Degree

Courses offered – Physics,Maths,Chemistry,Economics and Biology

  • Group C – Msc. Tech Degree in Information systems

Students of group B are those students who could not get admission to group A as they could not get enough marks in BITSAT. These students are called as Dualites.
All dual degree students have an option to pursue a second degree from Group A – BE(Hons) along with their primary or first degree is Group B. It means suppose a student gets admitted into MSc. Chemistry. He has an option of getting admitted into one of the BE degrees, based on the CGPA of the first year.
Dual degree students have to fill in their choices of the BE degree, in order of preference, at the end of the first year. Based on their CGPA of the first year(courses are common for all degrees) they are allotted their BE degrees. They will be informed of their allotment in the summer vacation after the first year.
At end of five year programmes Dualites will get two degrees, MSc. And BE. TSet featured imageotal course duration for Dualites is of 5 years.
The first year is common for all.In the second year (Sem III and Sem IV) dualites are taught CDC’s(Core Disciplinary Courses) of their MSc degree.In Sem V and VI CDCs of the MSc and some CDC’s of the BE are introduced.Sem VII and Sem VIII has CDC’s of only the BE degree as well as electives of both the degrees.Sem IX a dualite has to complete a Thesis and remaining electives while the last semester is meant for PS(Practice School) pertaining to the BE degree.
CS and Maths;EEE/ENI/Mech and Physics/Economics are considered the better combinations of MSc and BE degree.



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