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Tips to crack JEE Advanced 2021

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Aspirants are already on their toes as JEE Advanced 2021 scheduled for July 3, 2021, preparing to clear the final obstacle in their path to secure a seat in the IIT’s. Rigorous practice and proper preparation strategies will help the aspirants to clear the exam with ease.

Even though the pressure and stress level will be on the higher side, students are advised to keep their focus on utilizing the remaining two months properly. As Boards are scheduled in May-June, their focus should be to manage the time (race against time phrase meaning) to avoid last-minute pressure.


How to utilize the months of April till June?

Aspirants who are preparing for JEE Advanced along with Board Exam must utilize this time of April and May. They should follow a full-proof timetable devoting equal time slots for each subject. Those who want to take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) the March and April attempts of JEE Main 2021 may take periodically Mock Tests to fine-tune the preparation.

Analysis is the key. Analyse your performance after every mock test to improve yourself before the actual Exam. You are advised to stay connected with respective subject teachers.

JEE Advanced paper contains various types of questions. There are questions of Multichoice type with either a multi correct answer or a single correct answer. There could be comprehensions and matrix match-type questions that involve matching two or three columns.



Here are some tips to accelerate your JEE Advanced 2021 preparation-

Time Management –

“Time and tides wait for none”

Having a time management strategy is very important especially when you are preparing for one of the prestigious exams. You need to utilize every minute of a day so that you will be able to attempt all the questions within the time limit. Solve previous year’s papers and mock tests as much as possible. Set a timer while solving test papers to improve your question-solving speed.


Revision is important-

Revision is Like Polish to your Learning. The revision will help in retaining the topics studied in past and build a strong foundation, also increases your confidence and reduces anxiety. Students should distribute their time subject-wise as well as topic-wise to revise the syllabus in time. Revision helps you to remember topics, methodologies, figures, and facts.


Examination Temperament-

Examination temperament is the thought process going inside a student’s mind just (just in case definition) before the exam & during the exam. Having a proper exam temperament is as important as preparing for the exam. No matter how hard a student study, in the end, what matters is how they perform in those crucial hours of the exam. A student needs to be a person of determination who executes the plans steadfastly and thoroughly. Attempt the paper with a clear and uncluttered mind & believe that what happens will be for the best.


Study Smart + Work Hard-

Hard work has no replacement. But when you mix smart work with hard work, it would help for the JEE Advanced. Mark the important chapters in the syllabus to be able to prepare smartly and firstly focus all your energy on acing those chapters. Also, move to the low priority chapters later.


Hope this will help you to prepare for your dream exam and all the best for JEE Advanced 2021.



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