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Taking JEE Main Online ? Here Are Things To Keep In Mind

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CBSE is conducting JEE Main online in a big way this year. JEE Main offline will be held on April 7 while online exam will be held between 8th and 25th april

The online examination for JEE Main will be conducted over a window of several weeks from April 8, 2013 to April 25, 2013, across the country . Students will have to compulsorily opt for the online examination in these cities.



Familiarity with online Format:

Familiarity with the test format is very important in getting good score at the exam, so try to take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) online mock tests as many as possible. You can take the free mock test provided by CBSE .

Prior to Examination:

Make sure your you get your admit card and admit card says Online examination ,if you have not received your admit card or if you have any other queries you can call the toll free number listed below or the email id

Instructions for Online test:

Here are the instructions for JEE Main online test, please read them carefully

1. The clock has been set at server and count down timer at the top right corner of the screen will display leftout time (race against time phrase meaning) to closure from where you can monitor time remaining to complete the exam.

2. There will be four buttons on each screen, the use of buttons is given below:
RESET : Can be used to deselect a selected answer
SAVE & NEXT : Save the selected answer and proceed to next question
SKIP : Skip to the next question without answering current question
MARK FOR REVIEW : Answer the question and mark it for review at later stage

3. Click one of the answer option buttons to select your answer

4. To change an answer, simply click the desired option button

5. To save the answer before moving to the next question, click on SAVE & NEXT. The next question will automatically be displayed

6. To deselect a chosen answer, click the RESET button

7. Click on SKIP to move to the next question. This will not save your current question. The next question will automatically be displayed

8. Click on MARK FOR REVIEW to review your answer at later stage.

9. To go to a question, click on the question number on the right side of the screen

10. The color coded diagram on the right side of the screen shows the status of the questions

  • 3 White – you have not attempted the question no. 3
  • 5 Red – you have not answered the question no. 5
  • 7 Green – you have answered the question no. 7
  • 9 Blue – you have marked the question no. 9 for review

11. Do Not CLICK on the EXIT Button unless you have completed the exam. In case you click EXIT button, you will not be permitted to continue

Apart from these Online test is very much similar to the Paper-pencil test.



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