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How to Prepare for JEE Advanced

While noticing the trends that aspirants are following these days when preparing for JEE Advanced, it is essential they keep in mind a strategy that will make matters easier. The JEE Advance is not any regular entrance exam and is known to be tough as one needs to have an agile mind to apply tricks to form a particular strategy in solving the entire paper in three hours. How  to Prepare for Jee Advanced

How to Prepare for IIT JEE Mains 2016


Best way to use Video Lectures for JEE preparation

video lectures for JEE The desire to sit and prepare for the upcoming IIT JEE entrance exam is simply not enough. An aspirant who is interested in making things work and preparing well is bound to find new ways to create a platform to prepare and excel in what he/she puts their heart into. If a burning desire is what you have within yourself, then Motion Education is the right option to choose. The online coaching program is of great value to a student who does need to schedule a timetable exclusively for himself/herself and cannot attend a regular traditional  class. Motion Education provides super quality video lectures for IIT JEE preparations that are extremely beneficial for students. Motion Education began the online class keeping in mind that a human brain retains more information when they watch something as compared to read about it.

What Consists in JEE Mains and Advanced Entrance

JEE Advanced 2016When JEE Mains and Advanced are just round the corner, it is essential for students to prepare and put their best efforts into this prestigious exam. An exam that has endless opportunities and gates to open for the future, its preparation cannot be taken lightly. The JEE Mains and Advanced are just after an individual clears his/her XII boards exams and wishes to take up the new role of specializing in a particular field of interest. Over million aspirants take the JEE Mains and a handful qualify for JEE Advanced. First of all, one needs to brush up on almost the entire syllabus to prepare effectively. The syllabus for JEE Advanced excludes,