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Ways to Control Stress to Perform Better in JEE MAIN 2018

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In today’s super competitive environment, exam stress is something that every student faces. The immense persuasion of students to attain academic brilliance is influencing the real essence of education and joy of kids, as they get more anxious and depressed with the exams coming closer.

What causes stress amongst students?

Our education system leaves students with no time (race against time phrase meaning) for recreational activities which are vital for their overall development. It is common for students to experience a little bit of stress during exam time, which helps in staying focused and delivering optimum, but heightened stress levels pushes students towards depression, causing anxiety and a feeling of rejection and anger.

Fear of failure, not achieving at par with peers cause anxiety in students, which eventually impacts their overall success. In our country, a student’s capability is determined by grades obtained in school and not by his/her individual talent. The only agenda of parents/schools is that their kids score good grades in Academics, even if they fail to attain Success in other spheres of life.

How to Combat Exam Stress?

Having a competitive attitude towards attaining Excellence is the need of the hour. While heading towards your ultimate goal, you are likely to encounter stress as it is an unavoidable part of any student’s life. It is you who can choose to let stress either be your downfall or use it as a driving factor to attain the desired success. The attitude of turning a blind eye towards existing problems can lead to severe mental and psychological issues. To dispel stress from your life and emerge victorious in the pursuit of excellence, do not miss out on the below-given tips:

Stick to your planned schedule:

Planning is the first step towards a bright future. Give yourself enough time to relax in between your study hours.

Get enough sleep:

The merits of a good sleep during exams should not be underrated. Do not let your dreams override your health. Bad health will not let you enjoy your success. So, give your body a break and head on towards a healthier and successful tomorrow.

Stop gauging your Future:

Do not overthink about the result. It is time to put your best foot forward and set out to achieve what you aspire for.

Eat healthily:

Eating healthy at the time of exams is extremely important. It not only helps you stay away from diseases but also keeps your body and mind in an optimum position to grasp well.

So, do not let stress overrule you, instead use it to push you closer to your academic dreams. Serious students will pause and identify the path that will help them overcome the obstacles, without allowing the tides to engulf their efforts.

MOTION wishes you GOOD LUCK for you’re JEE Main 2018 exam



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