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Safety of Kids at PLAY SCHOOL

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A playschool is an amazing place for a kid to be and creating a safe environment at the playschool should be the priority of every playschool owner, parent, and teacher.

A safe environment can be described as one which provides harm free surroundings and security for the kids in where kids can easily learn, play and develop.

When kids are in playschool their physical, cognitive and emotional skills are still developing hence small accidents are bound to happen. These accidents can be prevented if it’s ensured that the playschool follows strict safety guidelines and if the infrastructure is fit for kids.

At a pre-school everything needs to be checked, from the toys to the teaching equipment, classroom and play area to the furniture that is being used.

Check for safety

  • Ensure that the toys and furniture do not have rough edges.
  • Ensure that all toys are washed on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that all electrical fittings are not under kids reach.
  • Ensure that bathrooms are kept clean and dry.
  • Ensure outdoor play area has proper boundary and fencing.
  • Ensure there are gates in front of the stairs.
  • Ensure to have first aid facility available at all times in the playschool.


All kinds of safety hazards should be checked within the classroom. All plug points should be well beyond the child’s reach. There should be no gaps or loose cords where the child’s fingers, arms or legs can get caught. School management needs to ensure that there are no sharp or pointed edges on any equipments or furniture. For the classrooms it is essential that they are bright and colorful at the same time (race against time phrase meaning) it should be ensured that the paints used are non-toxic and lead-free. One should ensure that no kid can lock the doors themselves or lock someone. The stairs need to have gates and the windows need to be attached properly.

Check all the toys and play equipments used in the classroom. Ensure that they are clean as children are likely to put them in their mouth. No toy that is broken or that has sharp edges must be used. Art supplies such as paints, crayons or play dough must be non-toxic. Above all check the quality of the toys used.


It’s essential the kids to engage in outdoor activities. As outdoor activities include games like swings, slides, water and sand plays etc. it becomes essential to ensure that the play equipments are safe. Also one needs to ensure that activities are done in an open area with proper fences and under supervision. One also needs to teach kids the basic rules of playground safety and supervise them especially when they are playing near water.


The washroom is a potentially dangerous place for kids to go alone and thus safety norms should be carefully planned and implemented. Floors should be non slippery and dry at all times. Young kids must be helped when they use the washroom.

In case of an emergency, administer first aid to the child, seek medical help and contact the parents immediately.

Following proper safety norms create room for an environment that helps promote creativity and keep the children up on their toes and push through their learning phase at full throttle. As children are critical assets of any nation, turning a blind eye to their safety is akin to compromising with nation’s progress.



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