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Remembering, Understanding And Practice- Skills To Crack JEE Advanced/IIT JEE

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Every student preparing for IIT JEE is confused as to how should one approach his/her preparation for one of the world’s toughest examinations, while everyone has a different style to study, there are three skills which are absolutely necessary for cracking the Joint Entrance Examination. Viz,

  • Reading and remembering
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Practice

Every subject requires all three skills.

Reading and memorizing

Reading and memorizing is really important to study anything in the world, let alone IIT JEE, while JEE requires you to learn the formulae. One can understand their source by going through the derivations, wherever possible. However, eventually, what matters is that we know the formula. We can learn/remember all formulae by reading, writing, and revising them again and again. It helps to have a compendium of all formulae.

While when you are solving problems you can start from deriving them but it is difficult to do on the examination day and thus requires you to memorize all the formulae well so that you can recollect them whenever you need.

Conceptual understanding

It is critical to understand the conceptual framework of a subject. It is important to understand the flow of the logic in the argument being put by the narrator. The examples and illustrations used should fit well into our understanding.

IIT JEE /JEE Advanced requires a student to have thorough understanding of the concepts in all the subjects Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and one can easily understand concepts using examples and real life situations.

Conceptual, theoretical questions are a great way to check ones learning of concepts.


After writing down the formulae required and applying the concepts, we still have to solve the mathematical equations. Solving problems is a skill. Especially for IIT JEE you will need to practice problems, lot of problems, the more difficult problems you solve the more ready you will be for the exam.

No matter how much you spend time (race against time phrase meaning) reading, if you don’t practice you will find subjects like Mathematics very difficult, but on the other side if you practice enough you will evolve your own shortcuts which will give you an edge over others in speed in competitive examinations like JEE Advanced and JEE Main



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