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Learn Biology The Easy Way

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Learn Biology The Easy Way

What is Biology? Biology is the study of life –It concerns itself with the human body and the natural flora and fauna around the world.
The only way to master Biology is by making your concepts crystal clear. Lakhs of students National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) every year. To get into a good college, it’s important to not only crack the exam but also to achieve a top rank.
Before starting your NEET preparation, one should know that out of 180 questions, 90 are from Biology, making it a critical element of scoring in NEET. A poor performance in Biology can result in loss of a seat to someone else. But at the same time, a stronghold on the subject can help get into the single digit rankings that one dreams of.

Following are the tips for getting good marks to ace NEET.

Knowledge About Syllabus:

One should know what the syllabus entails and should ensure that the relevant resources like study materials, books, practice booklets etc. One hurdle that everyone faces while studying biology is the complex terminologies and the same can be tackled by the break and learn the method, wherein you break down the complex words to understand the root definition. And to master this approach, sound knowledge of syllabus is a necessity.

Productive Study Plan:

A structured and well planned schedule is another critical requirement to help gain mastery over biology. Allot time (race against time phrase meaning) to each topic according to its weight age and length of the topic. Plan well in order to get good results. Plan in a way so that you have ample time left in the end to finish revision.

MCQs is the way to go!

To master Biology practice MCQ’s. As soon as you finish the topic solve MCQ’s and keep revising those as revision is the key to getting good marks in NEET.
Solve past years question papers and solve mock tests. These tests provide instant feedback and feedback is essential for any kind of exam preparation. By solving MCQ’s your confidence will increase and you will be able to evaluate your weaker areas.

Prepare Diagrams

Diagrams are to Biology what Formulas are to Chemistry!
One must be well acquainted with diagrams as they are an integral part of Biology. Questions with the diagram-based concepts of the subject are very important as they carry more marks. Make note which helps you remember better and keeps those notes safely as you will need them till the time you write competitive exams.

Handwritten notes for Better Retention

Handwritten notes are the most effective way to achieve success for NEET exams. One can create shortcuts, algorithms and flow charts to understand difficult topics in an easy manner. This also helps to engage with the concept as it improves both reading and comprehension. Also, writing down notes is a better mode of studying as compared to studying from the computer, it also means less distraction.
In the last few years the difficulty level of NEET has increased as well as the number of aspirants. To crack NEET a good command of the subject is needed and for that you need to revise the basics.
So, hopefully you will be able to score well by using the hacks mentioned above and score well in NEET.




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