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Individual Study or Group Study: Which is better?

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To study or not to study?  To study and how to study? These are the questions which haunt every student and everyone has their own studying preferences and ways, some prefer certain surroundings, while others study at a certain time. Also there is still the question of whom to study with: Should one study alone or in a group study session? What will the impact of this on your result?

There is no better option, but you might prefer one option to another. Some people study alone and retain more information and some prefer studying in a group for better clarity of topic.  One option isn’t better than the other. But one might suit you better. Maybe you prefer to study alone but retain more information if you’re part of a study group. Or maybe you enjoy the group studies but learn better in a quiet setting. No matter your learning style or preference, here are certain things to consider when deciding between studying alone or with a group of peers.

Group Study:

More retention of information:

Discussing the concepts and teaching others helps in reinforcing ideas and improves knowledge retention. The more you repeat to teach or explain others the more you will be able to memorize better. Group study offers the opportunity to hear information from others, too, which can serve you well should you have a large amount of material to cover.

Sharing of information:

When a group studies together various views, insights and information are shared at one place. Sharing creates an open discussion and enhances your thinking skills. Students who study together tend to share notes and other class materials, building and broadening your understanding of the subject.

Increase in self-motivation:

Group study helps in effective review too. Also one’s motivation get’s a push by seeing  group mates studying as one my think that if they don’t concentrate better they might lag behind. Group study time (race against time phrase meaning) is a great opportunity for effective review.

Studying Alone:

No distraction:

One might find group studying difficult as it’s not easy to keep track of one’s understanding when the group gets together. More often the topic of discussion shifts from the course material to current events to gossips maximizing distractions as the clock ticks away. Studying alone allows one to concentrate and it minimizes the disruptions that can keep one from retaining the material.

Study at your own pace:  

The ability to study alone allows one to have a complete and undivided attention to the study materials. One can study at their own pace, reading and re-reading concepts and problems at a suitable speed and give more and more focus to the information they are struggling with.

Improved focus:

Sometimes in a group study one cannot focus on what the group is studying. Some people understand some topics better in a group and sometimes people need to focus more on certain topics even if the group is not concentrating enough on that.


Every student has their own distinct way of studying, sometime it maybe in a group or independently. In order to be able to get a good score one must try both the methods of studying and stick to the effective one.  Also as an alternate suggestion one must keep group studies for specific topics or subjects and for some topics one can do individual study.  It’s totally on the individual to decide on how to study.

Let us know in the comments section what you prefer for yourself!! Group study or individual attention?



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