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Important Tips For JEE Advanced 2018 Preparation

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You Can Do It with A Little Faith in Yourself

So now since you have qualified for JEE Mains, you are much more confident of getting the college of your dreams, now just (just in case definition) a little bit of effort in JEE Advanced and you will be there. Some tips for JEE Advanced suggested by the expert team of Motion Kota is as follows:

Figure Out Your Strength and Weakness:

One can plan the journey to the destination well, which is JEE Advanced, if one knows the starting point. You need to know your strength and weakness to clear this exam. This is important because only then you will be able to create your plan to turn your short comings into strengths and improve your strengths even further. You need to analyze which topics are you thorough with and which all chapters need time.

Focus On Syllabus Covered, Not On Number Of Hours:

One cannot compare performance by time (race against time phrase meaning) and performance has to be measured with study plan for the day. You need to establish definite goals to be achieved in a day, in a week, in a month. Daily goals should include topics you need to cover for the day and making notes for the new topics covered, solve numerical for the topics covered.

Proper Food, Proper Sleep:

Avoid eating packed, canned or food cooked outside; eat homemade food if possible or at a proper place which maintains proper hygiene in cooking. Besides food it is important to sleep well, not to lose sleep fearing the exam.

Keep Fit, Keep Glowing:

Exercise daily. Go for a small walk or play active sports for at least an hour in a day and drink at least 8 glasses of water every day. This will not only keep you healthy but also help your appearance.

Clear Basic Concepts:

Finish revising NCERT books first as these books will create your base & you can learn all the basics. Try to finish entire 11th and 12th syllabus as soon as possible.

Develop Speed And Problem Solving Skills:

Develop speed while you are preparing, strategy of solving question, starting from the fundamentals, it will spark thinking process which is essential to enhance and master analytical skill with conceptual understanding. One should always aim for 100 percent hit rate. This will give you a competitive edge. Speed and accuracy will also allow you to finish the JEE Advanced paper ahead of time, leaving you with enough time for revision.

Proper Time Management:

JEE Advanced is not about solving all questions, but it is about solving decent number of questions in a given interval of time. If you are unable to solve a question, please don’t spend an hour on that, move on to the next question and try to solve easy questions rather than focusing your time and energy on difficult questions. Take more tests. Measure how fast you are able to solve previous question papers. Time management is crucial in getting through IIT entrance.

Take Notes:

Take notes while preparing for JEE Advanced 2018. It helps a lot in last minute revision. Handy notes are your best friend during exams. Always prepare good notes clearly, so that you can study from them at the time of revision.


Practice makes a man perfect. This saying especially holds true for a student preparing for JEE. The more you practice, the better it is. With practice you are more comfortable with the questions and the time frame required to complete them, also you fine tune your basic concepts. Do not forget to practice previous year’s papers.

Revise Regularly:

There is no point of studying if you don’t remember it. Our memory is such that it fades gradually. Without proper revision one will not be able to retain things in our mind. Revision plays a cardinal role in JEE Advanced preparation.

Prepare for the best and always remember “Nothing and No-one can take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) away those golden 6 hours from you”. Give your best in the exam without worrying about the result.

Go and conquer your IIT seat. Best Wishes from Motion Education Pvt Ltd!



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