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Important Tips For JEE Advanced 2017

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Tips For JEE Advanced 2017

Students who cleared JEE mains are now eagerly waiting for the next round which will decide the run of their career wheel. Either they will get a highway to sail smoothly or a bumpy ride on a broken road.

IIT has been the first choice of all engineering aspirants and JEE has been the most awaited exam for all IIT aspirants.  Ever since the Joint seat allocation authority (JoSAA)  started conducting a joint admission process for all IITs, NITs, IIITs, ISM and other government funded college, the JEE has become the biggest thing.

A whooping number of 10.2 lac (approx.) students appeared for this two phase exam this year where only 2.21 lac students were selected for JEE Advanced 2017, which is the second round. The exam will be conducted on 21st May, 2017.

With not many days left to the exam, it is a tough challenge for the students to balance their studies with the exam pressure. We have for you some very basic tips which will eventually help you in preparing well and fighting the mental pressure at the same time.

Stick to the syllabus:

Students tend to waste a lot of time (race against time phrase meaning) reading topics which are not covered in the exam and later when they get to know about it, they panic. It can very well be avoided. Keep the syllabus booklet along with you all the time and refer every topic before investing your time in it.

Live a routine life:

Changes are good but not during exam. Changes distract us in many ways which is not good when we are preparing for an exam like JEE itself. Make a routine and follow it. Fix your sleeping time, eating time, reading time and most importantly your break time. It will help you maintain the balance.

Solve as many mock papers as possible:

Time management is one of the key factors when you are giving a competitive exam like JEE. To learn time management, practice as many mock papers as possible and while solving them, keep the clock handy. It will help you track the time that you are taking to solve a set of questions. Improve accordingly and keep challenging yourself to achieve speed and accuracy as well.

Keep your mind fresh and fill them with positive thoughts only:

Don’t let your mind saturate with all those formulae and theorems inside. Give it proper time to breathe by taking short breaks. Do not sit for a long period. Keep boosting your morale and always fill up your mind with positive thoughts.

Become a reasonable mind than a mug up

In order to crack an exam like JEE, you need to have a mind with high order of thinking skills. Only a reasonable mind, which can relate the formulae and theorems to the problems asked, can crack JEE in one go because everybody can learn formulae and theorems but not everyone can crack JEE.

Your health should be your primary concern

You need to study hard and prepare well to sit for exams but with a bad health all the hard work and preparation will go in vain. Always keep in mind that health should be your primary concern. Give your body proper rest and eat healthy diet.




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