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Important: Only 5 Subjects In Class 12 To Be Considered For Percentile Calculation, Details Of Letter Sent By COBSE To Boards

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COBSE has sent a letter to all school boards on the modus operandi of selection of 5 subjects in Class 12 for the percentile calculation by the various school boards across the country, here are the details of the same

Modalities for providing Result Data Base – pertaining to Class XII for 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

1. Result Data is to be provided for ALL APPEARED Candidates in Full subjects with indication of  Stream


  • Stream Stream-Code
  • Science-Medical SCI-M
  • Science – Non-Medical SCI-N
  • Science – Both(Medical & Non-Medical SCI-B
  • Commerce COMM
  • Arts & Humanities HUMA
  • Vocational VOC
  • Other OTH


(a) Placement of Subjects in the Result Database must be in the following order:

Subject-1                      :  One Compulsory Language with higher marks

Subject-2 to Subject-5:   Another Language and three Electives


Four Electives

Subject-6                     : Additional Subject Offered/allowed, if any

          Note : Subject-1 to Subject-5 must conform to Scheme of Studies and are compulsory.

(b) For Science Stream – Non-Medical :

Subject-1: Compulsory Language with higher marks

Subject-2:  Any other Language/Elective with higher marks (other than Subject-1 and Subject-3 to


Subject-3 to Subject-5 (even if the marks in the subjects are lower) must be as follows:

Subject-3:  Physics

Subject-4: Mathematics

Subject-5:  Any one out of – Chemistry/ Computer Science/ Biology (Botany & Zoology)/

Biotechnology with higher marks

(c) If it is compulsory to study 6 subjects as per Scheme of Studies in a board, subject with lowest marks

(Other than compulsory subjects for the stream) be treated as Additional Subject

For calculation of Percentile and Normalisation of Marks, Subject-1 to Subject-5 shall be taken

into consideration.

3. If a candidate has appeared in LESS Number of Subjects in current year (i.e. Less than 5 subjects) –

due to supplementary Exam / Compartment Exam / Arrear  and has cleared/passed  the exam in the

current year · Subjects passed in previous year(s) and subjects passed in current year are combined into a single record and supplied. Passing year be treated as current year.

· For Example:

>>> Candidate appeared in 2011  – in all 5/6 subject  – and failed in one/two subjects (LESS SUBJECTS) as per Scheme of Studies of the Board and was awarded Supplementary/ Compartment/ Arrear.

>>> Candidate appeared in 2012 in the failed subjects of Supplementary/ Compartment/Arrear (LESS SUBJECTS) and cleared/passed the exam by passing in the failed subjects (LESS SUBJECTS).

>> >For such candidates, result data for 2012 should have the details of passed subjects in 2011 as well as the details of passed subjects in 2012

4. If a candidate appears for ‘Improvement of Performance’, the candidate has to appear in all subjects as per Scheme of Studies of the Board i.e. the candidate must appear in Subject-1 to Subject-5 (OR) Subject-1 to Subject-6. Data should be provided for such candidates also.



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