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Importance of Self-confidence in Student’s life

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“Life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained”. -Marie Curie

What is Self-confidence?

When a student trusts his own abilities and qualities, it is called being self-confident. Which plays a key role in the life of every student.

Self Confidence is the key to success in a student’s life.

The amount of self-confidence a student possesses will affect his educational goals. If a student loses confidence, his result will ultimately be affected. A student may give up on his dreams, plans and hope when his self-confidence suffers. He may feel that he is unworthy of obtaining his goals.

Building confidence in children can help prevent dropout rates, ensure that they maintain their interest in learning and help them achieve their goals. The relationship between a student’s confidence and educational success is intertwined.

Engaging students in various self-esteem activities is one of the best way to improve self-confidence. These activities are an excellent way to boost students’ confidence. Motion Education conducts time (race against time phrase meaning) to time motivational sessions to motivate and inspire students. Mr. Nitin Vijay (NV Sir), Director of Motion himself conducts such seminars to boost students’ self-confidence.

How you can improve your self-Confidence?

Confidence is a tool that helps the student to maintain a positive attitude, manage their fears, challenges and problems. A confident student can face every problem. There are some strategies that students can follow to build self-confidence.

Look at what you’ve already achieved

If you take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) out some time to think about yourself, you will realize that you have achieved many things in life. Doesn’t matter what kind of achievements, the only thing that matters is these achievements are really important for you. Make a list and add all the things in the list that you are proud of. The fact that you are focusing on your positives will also help in increasing your self-confidence level.


Self-acceptance is the key

Accepting yourself as you are is one of the most important way to become confident. Put a plan in place to address your weaknesses and look at your strengths and achievements. You need to practice self-acceptance, feeling good about yourself regardless of the existing conditions. This attitude helps in maintaining a healthy level of self-confidence.

Making Personal Changes

After monitoring your self-esteem if you decide to change yourself, it is best to identify specific goals. What is the thing that you can change which will make you feel good about yourself? There are two kinds of changes that you may wish for. The first is the changes in your life and the second is how you live it. Ask yourself questions such as are you happy in what you are doing?

Seek for Positive Experience

Give yourself positive experiences as a way of increasing your self-confidence. Also, spending time with people who like you for what you are is helpful. Surround yourself with positive people and avoid the negative ones.

Give yourself rewards

Give yourself rewards as you practice building self-confidence. Everyone has strengths. What are yours? Recognizing what you’re good at, and trying to build on those things, will help you to build confidence in your own abilities.


Benefits of being self-confident

Being self-confident is the key to educational success. Self-confidence is necessary to have a balance between all the parameters of a student’s life. Being self-confident enhances your capabilities. A self-confident student is more capable of achieving his goals in comparison to a student who is less confident.

Self-confidence leads to strong focus and focus is very important in a student’s life. A confident person is strong and able to accept mistakes. If you are self-confident, it not deters you from accepting mistakes and learning from those mistakes.

A student’s life is about building good relationships with peers. A self-confident person has the ability to make more friends and has tremendous leadership capability.

During exam time there are high chances of feeling negative and low. But if a student has confidence then the negativity does not settle and he is able to focus and take exams positively.

A self-confident person always stays happy and he does not let any negative thoughts in mind. The body language of a self-confident person stands out in the crowd. One of the advantages of being self-confident is that you can express your opinion without any fear or hesitance.

Self-confidence is also equally proportional to motivation. Lower the self-confidence, lower the motivation towards studies. Higher self-confidence, high is the motivation for studying.

Self-confidence is just (just in case definition) a small term for a lot of things. A self-confident student would know how to say honest things without hurting the sentiments of others. Also the person knows how to be heard with complete dignity, especially when there is a difference of opinion. What it really takes is practice, but the more important thing is your own belief that you can do better.





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