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IIT’s are superior than NIT’s

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IIT’s are superior than NIT’s being different in the following ways:

– Ranking. IIT’s fills most of the slots in the list of top 15 colleges in India for   Engineering Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India whereas most of the NIT’s occupy the slot after that.

– Requirement for Admission. For Bachelors one has to have very good rank in IIT-JEE(said to be the toughest of all exams in the world) and also good marks in 12th standard for IIT whereas NIT give admission on the basis of AIEEE ranks.

– Students- As said above when you have tough screening policy for admissions you are supposed to get filled with top students. At this point I would also like to mention students in NIT’s are good as well because to get into NIT’s you need to have higher ranks in AIEEE which is competitive enough. So i would give equal marks to both of them in this respect.

– The quality of professor, IIT’s have best engineering faculty in India. I am not saying NIT’s doesn’t have good professor but we are trying to be relative here.

– Amount of research work, IIT’s have good amount of research work being carried out jointly by professors and students. They do projects for esteemed institution like ISRO, DRDO, BARC etc. Even NIT’s do research with them but not at the same magnitude.

– Infrastructure and Funding. IIT’s have better Infrastructure with spacious campus, good research labs etc. and are well funded by centre government.

– IIT is globally known, any college accepting Indians as students would have heard of IIT this may or may not be the case with NIT’s.

– Placements- Top Notch companies prefers IITian’s over NITian’s and also salaries are well differentiated.

The only difference is that IIT being a national level institute is better and has more infrastructure facilitites. Also since it is a deemed university the quality to education and facility is better. Whereas the NIT is a regional level institute and is not at par with IIT’s but again it depends on which branch you are taking. The NIt’s are affiliated to the regional universities ( by now they are deemed) and hence not as autonomous as IIT.

But having said that some of the NIT’s are very good too.


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