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How to Prepare for JEE Advanced

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While noticing the trends that aspirants are following these days when preparing for JEE Advanced, it is essential they keep in mind a strategy that will make matters easier. The JEE Advance is not any regular entrance exam and is known to be tough as one needs to have an agile mind to apply tricks to form a particular strategy in solving the entire paper in three hours. How to Prepare for Jee Advanced

  • Attentive Mind and Concentration: A candidate needs to be well focused and be attentive while taking the exam as no matter how well one may know a formula, it is essential to understand it and have deeper clarity of it. He/she should practice the formulae repeatedly to clear all doubts.
  • Systematize Time: Every subject that you cover in JEE Advance needs to be practiced thoroughly and one should always time (race against time phrase meaning) themselves in order to notice how much time they take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) on solving every question and how well can they manage their speed. One should distinguish between the easy questions and the ones that take time and solve accordingly so that they do not end up wasting time or leave out important questions that really matter in the performance.
  • Attainable Targets: An aspirant should not make unrealistic promises and goals for himself/herself since that will be a complete disappointment when not attained and can be very demotivating. One should keep daily agendas and reasonable goals that are not way too stressing and hard to fulfil.
  • Past Year Tests: It is essential to get to know how  to solve a questionnaire and what all topics are covered in it to clear doubts. A brighter picture comes in front of an individual when he/she gets to know exactly how to perform and has an approximate idea of what the questionnaire could be about. To help a candidate gain more confidence, previous test papers should be practiced well.



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