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How to Prepare for IIT JEE Mains 2016

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There are three basic tips to master while you pull up your socks and get into the drill for IIT JEE Mains 2016 preparation, we are listing them out for you:

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  1. Time Management:Very essential to understand, time (race against time phrase meaning) management in the case of exam preparation means marking your speed to finish the entire questionnaire in time and not hassling yourself by devoting too much time on lesser important questions. It is a must that you time yourself and work out a plan of action while attempting test papers and practicing mock tests.
  2. Revise A Zillion Times: Unless you have a photographic memory, do not let go of revision of topics that are covered in the syllabus. Take out time to understand any topic where you have the slightest of confusion and work out as many questions regarding that once you have clearly understood the logic behind it. Revision does make you sharper and at times even gives you a clearer picture of a specific topic that you might have missed out in a hurry.
  3. Mock Tests: Attempting previous tests and going through mock-tests gives you a better picture of where you stand and how hard you need to work. Other than this a mock-test also gives a fair idea of what is the questionnaire like and will not leave you puzzled when you sit for the real one. With mock-tests you can judge your aptitude and also self-time yourself.

We can always list out umpteen tips that will benefit you while you prepare for IIT JEE Main 2016, however, it is all dependent on an individual’s self motivation and commitment that can bear a fruitful result. So while you take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) down all the tips, make sure you implement them and stay on track. It is very easy to lose heart and focus from one’s drive and goal, but, if you really have a burning desire within that can lead to a future you have planned, do not stop. Work hard and life would be much easier and simpler, it will guide you to brighter prospects.



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