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How to improve general knowledge

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Blog: How to improve general knowledge

If you think you are good at your academics and that is enough to shine in the world, then you are mistaken. The moment you will step out of your class and peep inside the classroom next to yours, you will find something new on the board. This way you can understand that knowledge is like an ocean and it is never going to end. Though we cannot learn and master everything but it is important to keep ourselves updated and aware of what’s happening in our surroundings, what are the policies that govern us, the leaders who frame them, and other relevant information. Here are easy and accessible ways to improve your general knowledge:-


Along with the academics every student should spare an hour daily reading an English newspaper as well as your local newspaper. Reading newspaper will help the students gain general knowledge about their local area as well as what’s happening globally. Students will not only increase their general knowledge, but their focus and tendency to learn will improve.


Students should keep in mind that television is not only a source of entertainment, for them rather it is a very good source of knowledge. Instead of watching movies and entertainment sources all the time, students should also spare their time (race against time phrase meaning) watching news, documentaries and channels that provide a good source of information to children. No information gets memorized as fast as from visual sources.


Today’s generation is not appropriately using the technology available to them. Internet today has made every information available at your doorstep but children use it only for entertainment purposes and not extracting any useful information. Through internet you can login to so many useful and informative websites that provide you a lot of general knowledge eg . GK TODAY, WIKIPEDIA, ENCYCLOPEDIA, ETC. Like these there are many more informative websites available that provide good amount of general knowledge that students should focus on.


Mobile phones today if used for a specific and a good purpose can be the best gadget available and if not then it is the worst gadget available. Many media conglomerate companies has made available applications eg. TOI, THE HINDU that provide you a complete range of information and news on your mobile phones. Many apps are created that provide you a range of Information in short and abbreviated form. Thus students if spare minimum amount of time on these apps can gain a huge amount of general knowledge.


One best way to increase basic general knowledge is to participate in quiz contests arranged by many institutions. Quiz contests are very helpful as exchange of information takes place between several students. Each and every student collects its own Information and exchange of information from every student takes place thus leading to increase in information and knowledge in students


Weekly journals or magazines are also a good source of general knowledge for students. Every information related to business, non-business, current affairs, etc. is available is journals and magazines. Students are not required to spare time daily for magazines but reading them once in a week is sufficient as it can provide a lot of information to students.

Hope you will keep yourself updated from now. If you also want to share ways to enhance general knowledge, please write it down in the comment section. Keep reading and stay safe!




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