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Essential Things to Know Before Choosing Engineering as a Career

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Essential Things to Know Before Choosing Engineering as a Career

In India, Engineering is definitely the most sought-after career choice. Each year several thousand Engineering aspirants study hard to appear for the Joint Entrance Examination which is essential to pass for a seat in the most prestigious colleges which are IIT’s and other top colleges. This examination needs rigorous study hence students begin its preparation two-three years prior to the exam. Sometimes students drop a year in between to give this exam to pursue Engineering from a good college. Here are a few pointers you need to analyze before choosing to study Engineering and considering it as a career option.

Figure out your interest:

Just because Engineering is a respected field doesn’t mean you should go for it. One needs to be interested in it to make it a career choice. One should also go through the course books properly to find out if they want to study those topics or not. Consulting the seniors in the same field to understand what kind of work will be required once you acquire the degree is also essential. Don’t go for Engineering if your friends are going for it, but go if you want to be an Engineer.

There is no replacement to hard work:

Getting admission in the esteemed IITs and other reputable Engineering colleges requires a lot of hard work and toil. To crack JEE examination one needs to study day in and day out. It is essential to figure out if one can study so much or put in so much of hard work. Also, life after getting into an Engineering college is not easy. One has to work hard and be consistent in their results to get a good placement. Similarly, after placement one has to work hard consistently at their workplace. Hard work is required at all stages if you choose Engineering.

Reality about campus placements:

You may be given the picture that once you get admission in a good Engineering college you just (just in case definition) have to work on good grades and you shall be selected in campus placement and your life will be as dreamy as seen in the movies. But this is not the truth. The companies which come for campus placement see the overall personality of the students besides seeing their marks. Even the most reputable colleges do not guarantee 100% placement.

Scope in Engineering

Before choosing a career, finding the scope of Engineering is extremely important. Will the Engineering jobs that you are targeting flourish in the future also? You particularly need to study about the field of Engineering you plan to undertake. There are certain fields where there are more job applicants than the jobs available and certain jobs which don’t have much scope in the coming years. Avoid those fields and then choose according to your liking.

Job Stability

The field of Engineering keeps changing like any other field. Whatever you have studied in the Engineering College will never be enough at work. You will have to keep working towards acquiring new skills to secure your job. Only an Engineering Degree does not guarantee job security in today’s age.


Do consider the above mentioned points before you decide on doing Engineering. No career path is easy but following a career you truly like makes all the difference. MOTION EDUCATION PVT LTD wishes you all the very best for all your future endeavors.



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