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Dos and Don’ts For Joint Entrance Examination(JEE)

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To study in IITs is dream of most of the future engineers. Always remember that JEE exam requires a high level of perfection in all respects – particularly in memory, logic, speed, and quantitaive analysis. Such perfection requires constant practice.

Note that most of the students who get top ranks in JEE are ordinary students, so don’t underestimate yourself and start preparation. May be you have not scored well in X board exam or you are not doing well in your coaching classes, don’t worry just (just in case definition) start your preparation keeping JEE in your mind.


Dos and Don’ts

1] Regular homework and studies. – Regular study is must to crack JEE. I mean, really regular, as in never-failed-to-complete-my-homework-on-time type regular. Self study is most important for JEE. It doesn’t matter how much time (race against time phrase meaning) you are spending on coaching and school. You have to do it any how.
2] Relaxation and timepass. Yeah. Really. All study and no play makes Jack a nut-case. But don’t overdo it – 1 hour at the maximum per day.Take a 15 minute breaks every 60 minutes and make sure you have at least an hour’s break for meals. Use the time to snack; take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) some exercise; relax and just generally clear your mind!
3] Isolation. The more friends you have, the more possibility of you getting distracted. Keep a safe distance, avoid most parties and hangouts. The lesser, the better.
4] Taking tests. Join a mock test series, maybe two, or as many you want .Constant tests help you practice and prepare your mind for the JEE pattern. If the tests are to be given at home, do them at the proper time in an isolated room.Testing yourself helps to identify areas where you need to work more. The school will provide you with past papers. Group study is also good, test each other on key facts which you need to know
5] Finish your syllabus by January, if you are a fresher. If you are dropping, do make sure you complete the syllabus.
6] Keep a positive attitude. Approach new topics with interest, not with an another-topic-to-mug attitude. Try to find applications in day-to-day life. This will help create interest in the topic and improve your understanding as an engineer.
7] Mental and physical exercises, like meditation and yoga.
8] Attend all lectures, as in perfect 100% attendance. Quite a no-brainer, this one.

1] Overstress – the deadliest killer is sighted often among JEE students.
2] Procrastinate. As in, put off tomorrow what you can do today.
3] Hang out and waste time.
4] Worry too much. This is a major problem I’ve seen. People worry so much about classes / test series/ correspondence / teachers / batches / quality / notes / books / college / friend / girlfriend / food / hostel / accommodation .. u get the point… If I were to say it bluntly – just shut up, open the book, and start doing the damn problems!!
5] Lose confidence, or be over confident. IF you lose confidence, go to the forums, we can help you. If you are over confident, just contact me Just joking… Remember that there may be (will be) students out there smarter than you. This applies even if you are the topper of any institute.
6] Sleep less / eat less. The body is like any machine, and needs proper rest. Regular sleep of atleast 7 hours is a must.



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