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Don’t Let Mathematics be Your Biggest Phobia!

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“The only way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics”_PAUL HAMLOS

Mathematics is inarguably one very important subject in JEE preparation. One needs to have a vigorous study plan for Mathematics throughout their IIT JEE preparation to absorb all the concepts and formulas. A lot of students love (fall in love meaning and origin) Mathematics but there also many who simply loathe the subject and try to run from it. Below mentioned are few methods that will make anyone ace the subject with ease and help to clear the target JEE 2019.

Make JEE 2019 your FOCUS

If you want to qualify JEE Exam then you have to work towards achieving it which means equal emphasis to all subjects. Since you cannot leave Mathematics you do not have any choice but to work towards it.

Never Hesitate from Asking Questions

Not all students have the same absorbing capability. So, do not shy in asking queries during a classroom session. You are preparing for one of the hardest competitive exams and any doubt that you do not resolve may cost you important marks. You may also ask your friends and family in case of any doubts.

PRACTICE makes a man perfect

As it is repeatedly said that Mathematics cannot be done without practice, its best to get acquainted with the strategies that come in handy while solving problems. There is no escape to practice if you really want to ace JEE.

MOVE from EASY to Difficult

It is recommended one starts their preparation from the easy chapters to the difficult ones. This helps in the confidence building of the students. Also, do not jump to the difficult topics just (just in case definition) after an easy chapter. The immediate switch will take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) down your confidence if you are not able to solve the problems as effectively as in the previous chapters.

PRACTICE and REVISE notes everyday

Practice every single day, since Mathematics is a subject which needs daily attention. Every day after you class gets over; make a habit of reviewing and revising notes. Doing this, you will never omit what was being taught and will be able to feel comfortable in the next class. Without having a proper understanding of what was taught today, one can never understand the things which will be taught tomorrow.

Do NOT take load, Study in peace

Remember, practicing Mathematics needs a lot of attentiveness which is best done in an environment that is full of distractions, one will not be able to retain well. So, when one revises and reviews notes, one should be sure of having all the supplies in place. Make a list and then start studying.

With all these tips in place, you can easily fight your phobia for Mathematics and work towards scoring well. So, be sure of inculcating these tips to ace JEE 2019.

Remembering all these tips will result in fighting phobia for Mathematics and work hard towards your goal for scoring well. So, be sure of inculcating these tips to ace JEE 2019.



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