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Did you know Einstein’s Brain was stolen? Know more Amazing Facts!

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  1. Einstein’s Stolen Brain

In 1955 after Albert Einstein’s death, pathologist Thomas Harvey conducted an autopsy at Princeton Hospital where he removed Albert Einstein’s brain. Harvey decided to keep it with fim for study, rather than putting the brain back in the body. Harvey did not have permission to keep Einstein’s brain but kept it aside in the hope of unlocking the secrets of his genius.

Days later, he convinced Einstein’s son that it would help science and chopped the brain into pieces and sent it to various scientists for research.

In the year 1999, researchers claimed that Einstein had an abnormal folding pattern in parts of his parietal lobe which is the part that is linked to mathematical ability.

2. The Missing J & Q

The letters J and Q are the only two not found in the periodic table. These letters do not occur in any of the element symbols or element names. However, in the past you could find both letters on the periodic table and may still find them on certain periodic charts.

3. During summers, the Eiffel Tower can be 15 cm taller

When a substance heats up, its particles move more and more and takes up a larger space – this is known as ‘Thermal Expansion’. Similarly, when an object is heated, its particles gain kinetic energy, move faster, and take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) up more space. With this principle in mind most large structures such as the Eiffel Tower or bridges are constructed, so they can expand and shrink a little without breaking.

So, if you want to climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower, go in the winter season!

4. Sun light takes 8 minutes, 19 seconds to travel to the Earth

In space, light travels at the speed of 300,000 kilometres (186,000 miles) per second. Even at this rapid speed, covering the 150 million-odd kilometres (93 million miles) between us and the Sun takes considerable time. Eight minutes is still very little compared to the five and a half hours it takes for the Sun’s light to reach the planet Pluto.

5. Air becomes liquid at -190°C

The air we all breathe is gaseous but when subjected to a certain temperature and pressure just (just in case definition) like any kind of matter, it can change its state. Air is a mixture of gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and other gases. The gas can be liquefied by compression and by cooling to extremely low temperatures such as under normal atmospheric pressure, air has to be cooled to -200°C and under high pressure (typically 200 atmospheres), it has to be cooled to -141°C to convert into liquid. Liquid air is commercially used for freezing other substances and especially as an intermediate step in the production of nitrogen, oxygen, argon and other inert gases.




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