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Crack JEE/ NEET with these Stress Handling Tips

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Any exam is stressful and ends up damaging our mental health due to the performance pressure that we have to undergo. Competitive exams like JEE/ NEET are no different and no matter how rewarding these exams are, they come along with fair amount of stress. The enormous amount of studies and efforts taken to achieve our goals day after day can really get into us and disturb our minds.

Here are some tips for handling stress to increase your performance in exams:

  1. Don’t count the Hours, Make the Hours Count:

Studying for 14 hours a day isn’t the same as studying with undivided attention for 5 hours a day. Always remember that quality matters, if you aren’t backed by quality you can’t get anywhere. Make sure to manage your time (race against time phrase meaning) in such a way which promotes your quality of studying. Always Choose Quality over Quantity!

2. Don’t forget to take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) Regular breaks:

Give yourself a break when you feel that your attention span is diminishing or if you feel yourself drifting away. Take breaks frequently and avoid studying for long intervals of time. Give yourself breaks of atleast 10 to 15 minutes after every hour or two of studies. Use these short breaks to go for a walk, eat something healthy, get some fresh air, or even close your eyes for a quick power nap. This is an extremely effective tip on how to handle stress during jee/neet preparation.

3. Get Organised:

Try not to delay, keep a diary and make a to-do lists each day which will keep you super prepared and on track to get everything done on time. Preparing a daily routine and sticking to it is also good for the soul, as you’ll feel a lot more in control of how your day pans out.

4. Believe in yourself:

Stress among students preparing for their respective competitive exam is extremely common. These examinations come with enormous syllabus and are tough to crack. However, this does not mean you can give up. The most crucial part of cracking your exam is to believe in yourself. Always remember that all your hard work is going to pay off and that no amount of effort ever goes to waste. Stay true to your efforts and keep working ahead.

5. Physical activity:

Indulge in some physical activities, they will help you to refresh your mind and reduce Keeping your body work can consistently boost your confidence level. Being active releases chemicals in your brain that make you feel good – boosting your self-esteem and helping you concentrate as well as sleep well and feel better.





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