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Common MYTHS about IIT-JEE Preparation

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The day you start the journey of JEE preparation, you will hear various myths that may misguide you and even reduce your chances of cracking the exams. Hence, it is always best to be informed and stay away from such misconceptions.

Here are a few myths that you need to battle and win to stay focused during your preparation. Go through them all and get started!

IIT-JEE is impossible to crack for average students

Undoubtedly JEE is tough to crack but its not impossible. Not all IITians were excellent students in school who could solve every question in JEE paper. There is a lot of planning involved, hard work and a lot of practice involved to get through the exam. In short smart work will easily get you into IIT’s.

More study hours will guarantee success

Yes, you need to work hard but that doesn’t mean that you need to study continuously. Long study hours do not guarantee success in JEE. Everyone has their different capabilities so one should try to maximize their focus and not just (just in case definition) compare the study hours. One should follow the rule, quality over quantity.

Studying just before the exams is enough

This is one of the biggest myths. Most students study rigorously for 2 yrs before they give the exams. The earlier you start the better your chances are of getting selected. Even if you are a top student you should not take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) the risk of studying only at the last minute. Success comes with proper planning and working on that plan to achieve the goal.

Moving to Kota is The Only Option

Kota being the hub of IIT-JEE preparation most people think for getting selected in IIT one has to move to Kota city. What they do not understand that there are so many other students also who get selected from all the parts of the country, even remote areas.

As far as study material is considered one can even opt for E-learning or ‘Distance Learning Program’ and some of which also contain comprehensive IIT JEE video lectures which aid in the preparation.

For students who want to prepare sitting in the comfort of their homes, distance learning by MOTION EDUCATION is the best choice for them.

More study material means more chances of selection

A student doesn’t need to exhaust himself with tones of books. One needs to concentrate on getting the basics right. More the books are the more confused a student will be. Modules provided by MOTION are apt if you don’t want to study too many books. It covers all topics and is quite exhaustive for a proper study focused to JEE and proper revision of the same.

Boards Preparation is Same as JEE

This is also one of the biggest myths. Preparation of Boards and preparation of JEE is different. Make proper time (race against time phrase meaning) stable to study for them individually or you will not be able to perform well in both.

JEE Exams Can Ask You about Anything

No, JEE has a fixed syllabus. Carefully go through the syllabus before starting your preparation. If you observe the previous year’s papers, you will find that there is a similar pattern that has been going on for years. All you need to do is pay attention, prepare well and complete the syllabus while keeping some time for revision. Once you have accomplished all this, IIT JEE is not far.

You Need to Give Up Social Life to Stay Focused

This is another myth. You only need to concentrate better and put more effort, you do not need to stop living or enjoying yourself. Everybody needs friends and you will obviously enjoy with your friends.

One needs to make a timetable and make that time productive. There are so many people who have an active and social lifestyle, yet they get selected for IIT.

Myths have been busted, and it’s time to start afresh with your JEE preparation. There are no shortcuts to prepare for JEE. Just follow a well-planned study schedule, cover all the topics and don’t just practice hard, play hard as well to attain a balance in your life. All the best!



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