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20 Facts about ISRO Every Indian Must Know

20 Facts about ISRO Every Indian Must Know

Organ Donation: Giving a gift of life

fb-image-(7)Organ donation is when a person allows healthy transplantable organs and tissues to be removed, either after death or while the donor is alive, and transplanted into another person. Common transplantations include: kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs, bones, bone marrow, skin, and corneas.

10 beautiful buildings in India you may have missed

[caption id="attachment_968" align="aligncenter" width="800"]St Pauls Cathedral Kolkata beautiful buildings in India[/caption]

The pristine white Taj Mahal and the amazing Khajuraho temples are almost synonymous with India for tourists. But India has much more to offer the discerning traveler if he has just a little bit time and patience to explore the breathtaking country at leisure. Here are a few beautiful buildings in India that are a tribute to the astonishing and vibrant architectural talent that belongs to India. Take a look!

IITians in the Entertainment Industry

rivaldoIndian Institute of Technology (IIT) is the most popular college in India which has enjoyed a rich legacy behind it. IIT has produced some of the best professionals who, after graduating from an IIT, have shined in their respective fields of specialization. Today, most of the organizations demand IIT graduates to join them at the higher designations which come with a great pay package and a bright professional future. This is the reason why all the students want to get into an IIT, which produces skillful engineers and management professionals that the industry wants.