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Benefits of Online Learning

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In recent times, everything is going online or digital. Transactions, shopping, advertisements, entertainment and Education. Also due to the outbreak of COVID, online studying is not an option anymore for students. Many students and parents face challenges to accept and adapt it. Here are some of the reasons that why online learning is beneficial:

  1. Flexibility and new oppotunities

Students get a few recorded lectures or videos which they can watch at their convenience. Students who are simultaneously preparing for competitive exams or olympiads, get more time (race against time phrase meaning) to prepare for it. While traveling, you can listen to audio files. Students who wish to do internships during school/college hours, now get the time to do that along with their basic studies.

  1. Time and cost-saving

Transportation expenses become NIL when you start studying online. Also, students who need to stay at a hostel or any place or city other than their hometown can study from home. They can utilize the same money and time for something productive. This saves a lot of time and effort making education, not a burden on parent’s pockets anymore. The registration or admission procedure also takes less time and is easier.

  1. Individual study and Mobility

There are no friends around to disturb you when you study online, you can focus more and feel as it is an individual class. Also, you get mobility as e-courses support all types of devices. Also, there are fewer chances that you miss any class as you can attend it sitting at home.

  1. A step towards digital advancement

With the evolving technology, we also need to update ourselves. Online learning helps a child to practice and understand how to operate various digital apps like Zoom, Google meet, etc. Not only this, the online projects and assignments require the students to use MS Office and G-Suit tools which students are of great help for them in the future.

  1. Screen Time

The time you waste on unnecessary social media platforms, chatting and scrolling, now shifts to a better goal. Also after spending 4-5 hours on screen for studying you try not to use more phones or gadgets for entertainment as its going to affect your eyes and health. Instead, you start performing some recreational activities like games, yoga, dancing, sports, painting, etc. that make you fit.


Though in India, students deal with a lot of problems when they learn through online courses, it is always up to us how we see things. Everything has its own pros and cons, you should take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) it as an opportunity to become learn and grow in a new manner. Especially during this time when for our safety we need to reduce social gatherings, it is important for us to support and adapt online learning.



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