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6 Techniques to ace IIT-JEE Questions

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Having trouble tackling those complex problems? Go through these tips before you sit to study the next time.

1. A Strong Foundation Leads To a Greater Success

One thing every student should keep in mind is that no concept is big or small. Most of the aspirants take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) the basic concepts for granted and directly jump to the complex ones. It is important to first get your basics right.

2. Train like a Winner to Be a Winner

Have you ever encountered a problem while solving the sample papers?

If you have, or are facing such a problem, it is because you haven’t trained yourself the way you should have. To counter this, solving previous year’s JEE Advanced questions paper will in place of would open your mind and help you tackle those ‘tricky’ questions in that 3-hour period easily

3. Do Not Leave the Old Flowers for the New Ones

You’ve studied everything. Solved each chapter, are thorough with the concepts but still you didn’t get your desired results. Why?

This is because you didn’t revise. You need to keep the old information in place as you move towards the new one. Make it a habit to revise previous chapters every day.

4. The Deadly Combination – Quality and Quantity

When a person is aiming to become a bodybuilder, he has to balance and combine his workout and diet to get the best results.

With a JEE-aspirant, it is not different. Combine quality and quantity of the questions. Hit those tricky questions like you were born to solve them. Remember – it is better to solve 100 tricky questions than 500 easy ones.

5. Look Out For the Big Picture

Don’t just (just in case definition) study for your parents or because of peer pressure. Studying under stress and expectations backfires and sometimes it becomes impossible to solve the easiest of questions because your mind is under a lot of pressure.

Think about yourself. A good college, a good placement and a good job. Keep calm by indulging yourself into meditation or a constructive hobby every now and then. You’ll realize that with an open mind, you’re able to crack even tricky, tough questions.

6. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Try to manage your time (race against time phrase meaning) right from this moment. Give sufficient time to each chapter and don’t leave anything for the last minute. JEE Advanced requires a mind which can co-relate different concepts from different chapters. Having in-depth knowledge and enough practice makes solving problems a piece of cake.

To maintain a strong hold of your IIT-JEE preparation, Motion provides its students with the best IIT-JEE preparation packages, video lectures and online coaching. Remember, quality and quantity matters and the patterns designed by our esteemed panel of experienced mentors will surely give you an extra push towards your goal.



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