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Importance of developing a study routine

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Why to create a Study Routine

A thing well planned is always executed better than the one done randomly, especially when it is about studies. Suppose you sit down to study and choose any subject to start with. You have no idea the time (race against time phrase meaning) you are going to devote to each subject, what all subjects you will not study today, for how long you are there next to your study table, etc.

Anything which you follow for a longer time becomes your habit, so if you are going to continue studying without a proper schedule, you will land up in a gloomy situation. Here are reasons which will make you believe that why a study routine is important:

1.No more confusions

Once you have a timetable, you have the clarity about the subjects you need to study on a particular day, which chapter and topic you are going to start and for how long you should study the same. Now you need not pile all the books together in one place and can keep limited stuff around you, which used to earlier distract you from stop reading one book and jump on to another before completing the first one.

  1. Disciplined and Healthy life

Routine brings the discipline of mind and body. You will follow a diet that helps you boost your energy at your reading time and not which makes you feel sleepy. You will also start a few physical activities to not just (just in case definition) have a monotonous day full of learning and studying. Your physical workout in any way [like by playing outdoor games, dancing, swimming, etc.] will improve your health, which is obvious support to your studies.


3.You develop a learning pattern

Once you start following a routine, you come to know more about the way you can be better at things. Spending time with your subjects will help you know the pattern needed to be followed, that is, you can solve the questions easily right after understanding the concepts or you first require a set of solved examples to go through before solving them on your own.

4.You get to know your strength and weakness

Without a routine, you might find many subjects difficult or not of your interest. But once you start studying them with consistency, you will definitely build conceptual clarity. It might happen that even after devoting a number of hours every day to a subject you face difficulty to understand it, then this is the first time you really know that it requires how much more effort and you need to take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) help of your teachers for it. A division of easy and difficult subjects can now be done through self-analysis.

  1. You become more conscious about time management

Once we follow a routine, it becomes our habit. If on any day other plans knock your door, you will quickly reschedule your work or your study hours but not leave the syllabus to be done on that day. You become responsible for your study goals and also your time management expert. Now attend all family functions and fun time with friends without killing your academic hours.

  1. An Upward graph

Practice makes all students excel. Following a routine leads to a chain of activities like your urge to solve quickly, learn faster, complete your assignments on time, score more. More than anyone else you understand yourself better and try to improve at your pace. All this reflects a positive result on your studies by achieving an upward graph in school or at coaching.



  • Hopefully, you will be making a routine for yourself right after you end reading this blog. It is always a great help to grow.




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