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10 Tips to Preparing for NEET 2017

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Tips to Preparing for NEET 2017

Entrance exams and their difficulty levels depend entirely upon how prepared you are. Right preparation does not really require a brilliant mind. All it requires is a routine life and methodical study. If students preparing for NEET 2017 are wondering how to clear their exam in one go then I would like to suggest a few important tips a.k.a ‘The Mantra’, which will certainly make it easy for them to do a last moment preparation.

On asking the experts we got two major inputs that are required on student’s end to achieve success this year in NEET 2017, namely rigorous practice and revision. But our experts jotted down a few more mantras for your ease.

  1. Keep thorough knowledge of your syllabus:

You as a student should have complete knowledge of the entire syllabus. It will keep you from wasting time (race against time phrase meaning) by reading unnecessary things that is not going to come in your exam. Our prime motive in the last moment is not to gain knowledge but to crack the paper. So, stick to the syllabus.

  1. Make a proper time table:

Each subject is equally important, so a proper dedication to each one of them is required. Divide your study schedule between Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Mark the important areas for each one of them which carries the maximum weightage in the question paper and go through them properly.

  1. Refer only to the best study material:

The most confusing area for a student is which study material to opt for. It is indeed a genuine confusion. All major NEET coaching institutes provide their own study material which are more or less of same level and are of good quality. Choose yours with proper care and select only the one whose language is easily understandable to you.

  1. Time Management:

Time management in NEET 2017 will be a major playing factor. And for proper time management you need to practice and solve a lot of mock question papers and always stick to the clock. Challenge yourself every time with a target time to finish the mock question papers and try to be quick and accurate at the same time.

  1. Don’t let you mind saturate:

Take proper time out for yourself in between your study because your mind needs to relax. Go out, take (take with a grain of salt idiom synonym) in fresh air, watch some television and keep your mind away from book thoughts for at least 30 minutes at regular intervals.

  1. Keep positive thoughts in mind:

Always keep boosting up your own morale. It is the only mantra that will help you defeat the devil named ‘Exam’! (*wink*)

  1. Don’t let your health degrade:

Eat properly and take sufficient sleep. Keep yourself fresh all the time. Your health is the most important asset with you. Keep it safe and sound.

  1. Practice your weak spots:

Keep practicing your weak spots. It is the only way to overcome their fear.

  1. Do not go for guess papers:

While solving the mock tests, avoid using the guess papers that are available in the market. Their solutions cannot be relied upon. Go for standard text books instead.

  1. Never look for solution before while solving mock tests

Always attempt the question on your own and try solving them before looking into the solution. It is a good practice and it will increase your confidence level.



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